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Citroen C-Zero Charging Cables

Citroen C-Zero EV Cable

Your Citroen C-Zero supports a maximum of 3.6kW charging (Single Phase/16A) and uses a Type 1 Connector.

The Citroen C-Zero is ideal for town driving or pottering around the village. It is nippy for the school runs and when you need to pop into the town centre. It does tend to struggle a little more on longer journey’s as it only has a range of 55 miles and a top speed of 81mph. It does go 0-62mph in 15.9 seconds.

Charging is done using an EV Cables Type 1 connector with a maximum power of 3.6kW. A fully depleted battery will charge in around 4 hours 45 minutes, but you will need a phase 3 grid connection to achieve this.

Citroen C-Zero will comfortably seat 4 adults with 2 in the front and 2 in the back. As the battery is in the floor it frees up room for passengers and luggage. The digital dashboard has a minimalist approach to it, displaying the battery charge, vehicle speed and the remaining range left on the charge. There is a DAB radio and CD player in the centre console.

Standard equipment in the Citroen C-Zero includes anti-lock brakes, leather steering wheel, automatic lights and sensors. The driver’s seat is heated as are the mirrors. When the seats are folded down the boot has a space of 866 litres.

Go up to 55 miles on a single charge
0-62mph in 15.9 seconds
Top speed of 81mph

Choose from the cables listed below.


3.6kW Cable

7.4kW Cable

11kW Cable

22kW Cable

Single Phase 16a

Single Phase 32a

Three Phase 16a

Three Phase 32a

Max supported charge rate



Will work but your car is limited to 3.6kW



Will work but your car is limited to 3.6kW



Will work but your car is limited to 3.6kW


Our EV charging cables are backward compatible. They will automatically switch between 32 and 16 amps. So you can purchase more amps and phases for use on others cars / future-proofing and it’ll still work on your current car. Any cable lower than your cars maximum supported charging, will limit the change rate to the cable capacity.


Don't forget, your charge rate is also limited by your charge point. 


Car Side Plug/Connector

Type 1

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