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EV Tuesdays: Week 8

Week 8: 28th December 2021

Hi EV Friends, can you believe Christmas has been and gone! Now on to the New Year. Do we have lots of celebrations going on or will it be a quiet one for you this year?

Here at EV Cables we like a celebration, but we are keeping it to a minimum this year. So now is the time to grab the tin of chocolates, have a snack from the leftovers, we all know we have a lot of that, pop a drink on the side and settle down to the last EV Tuesdays newsletter of the year.

Don't forget to head over to our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter & Reddit (check-out the r/evcables subreddit) to add any comments you want to make. We'll also be posting these to our blog here (with one extra item!) so get involved and give us any ideas in the comments.

Until next time, have a fantastic New Year and we will see you all next week with another edition of EV Tuesdays.


1. EV Video: CarWow

Here at CarWow we decided to test out a variety of cars and drive them until they die! Check out the video to see how we got on.

2. EV Quiz: Sporcle

Quizzes for everyone. We like a challenge, feel free to add your own quiz or take part in one of the many ones we have online. Can you name the companies that currently make electric cars and hybrid cars?

3. EV Community: Electric Car Community provides access to the latest electric Vehicle news stories. Our editorial team searches through hundreds of news items each week and posts the best articles from trusted EV news sources across the Internet. ECC also provides content resources for EV drivers, including vehicle profiles, model data, and charging information.

4. EV Social: Twitter

This is a great little read. An absolutely brilliant post from Max Toozs-Hobson on what Tesla have learnt from the trials of the model 3 as a police car!

5. EV News: This is Money

Best and worst public charging networks and home wallboxes revealed. A poll of 3,000 EV owners by Zap-Map revealed that InstaVolt's rapid-charging public network is highest rated while Ecotricity received the worst reviews from drivers. Always good to know which are the best and worst charging networks and wallboxes.

Blog Version Extra:

6. EV Event: Electrek

The US' first-ever National EV Charging Summit is coming, and it's free to the public. A coalition of business, labour, and environmental advocacy leaders will host the first-ever National EV Charging Summit on January 20, 2022.


Until next time. Have a fantastic week and a great New Year!

EV Cables Team

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