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  • What is a 3 Phase cable?

    Using a 3 Phase cable at a 3 Phase enabled charge point will improve charging times.

    3 Phase Cables can be found here

  • What is the difference between a single phase vs a 3 phase cable?

    The 3 phase cable has 2 additional live wires that effectively triples the charge rate of the single phase cable. You only get this benefit if both your charge point and your car are both 3 phase.

    3 Phase cables are only available in Type 2 and Type 3 standard. Type 1 connections do not support 3 phase charging.

  • Can a 3 phase cable be used in a single phase charge point?

    Yes, our cables automatically switch between the different standards. You can use our 3 phase cable in a single phase charge point and vice versa. Our single phase cable can be safely used in a 3 phase charge point, with both single phase and 3 phase cars.