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  • How do I know if an item is in stock?

    Our listings feature some handy information. One of which is LIVE stock levels.
    All stock levels indicated on our site are correct at time of ordering*

    *On occasion there may be stock inaccuracies at our warehouse. In such instances we notify customers of the next steps.

  • What time do I need to order by to ensure same day dispatch?

    In stock items ordered before 11:30am will be dispatched the same day*
    In stock Items ordered after 11:30am will be dispatched the next working day. For example: Orders placed after 11:30am on a Friday will be dispatched the following Monday

    Our listings feature some handy information. One of which is when a product is selected, customers are advised when the item is likely to be dispatched.

    *On occasion it maybe that an order placed before 11:30 isn't dispatched until the next working day. In such instances we commit to deliver an order within the delivery type time frame.

    For more information about deliveries please visit here

  • I'd like to order an 'Special Order' item. How long will this item take to be dispatched?

    We offer one of the most extensive range of cables in Europe, including cables from 2m up to 25m in length, and in a whole range of colours [Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, Mercury]. Occasionally a particular colour/length cable combination may be temporarily out of stock. In such instances we're able re-stock quickly, and Special Order items are dispatch within 3-5 working days of order.

  • After I placed an order, how do I get my tracking details?

    Our online order system will notify you once the order has been shipped and we have confirmation from the courier. The email will contain your order details as well as a tracking number. Please check your order carefully and notify us if there are any errors. You can expect to receive the email later in the evening of the day your order ships.

    Once the system is updated, you can log into your accounts page to check your order details including the tracking number.


  • Can a Type 2 Extension Cable be used to extend a Portable Charger (3 pin of Type F standard domestic socket charging cable)?

    A Type 2 Extension Cable can be used to extend a Portable Charger (3 pin of Type F/Shucko standard domestic socket charging cable).
    Please note that the Extension Cable will only allow charging at the rate permitted by the Portable Charger, and that the IP rating will be IP54 rather than the IP66 most commonly found with Portable Chargers.
    Single Phase Type 2 Extentions can be found here

    This solution would be perfectly fine for most domestic situations, however our ideal recomendation would be that a longer Portable Charger be purchased to ensure the best IP rating.

    10M Portable Charger for all Type 2 Cars [Including Renault Zoe] can be found here

  • Is it possible to connect two Type 2 to Type 2 Charging Cables together to create a longer cable?

    It's not possible to connect normal cables together to create a longer cable, however we supply an Extension Cable for that purpose.
    Extensions can also be connected together and used as a normal cables.

    Single Phase Type 2 Extentions can be found here

    3 Phase Type 2 Extentions can be found here


  • What is a 3 Phase cable?

    Using a 3 Phase cable at a 3 Phase enabled charge point will improve charging times.

    3 Phase Cables can be found here

  • What is the difference between a single phase vs a 3 phase cable?

    The 3 phase cable has 2 additional live wires that effectively triples the charge rate of the single phase cable. You only get this benefit if both your charge point and your car are both 3 phase.

    3 Phase cables are only available in Type 2 and Type 3 standard. Type 1 connections do not support 3 phase charging.

  • Can a 3 phase cable be used in a single phase charge point?

    Yes, our cables automatically switch between the different standards. You can use our 3 phase cable in a single phase charge point and vice versa. Our single phase cable can be safely used in a 3 phase charge point, with both single phase and 3 phase cars.


  • How do I lock a Type 1 connector to prevent theft?

    Our Type 1 connectors have a small hole in the button that you can secure with a luggage sized padlock. We would rate this as medium security and better than the lock provided by in-car mechanisms such as those found on the nissan leaf. The most secure method is to use a 5cm padlock to secure directly onto the car or onto the charging point.

  • How do you secure a type 2 cable or an extension cable from being stolen?

    Type 2 cables can be locked electronically at the car and at the charge point but to totally secure your charger, you can use a 5cm lock in a number of ways depending on your charge point. Here are some examples:


  • What is a Tethered Cable?

    A 'Tethered' cable is a cable with just a single connector, either Type 1 or Type 2, at one end, and open-ended at the other.

    Tethered cables are most commonly used to replace existing tethered cables on a wall charger/charge point. 

    Type 1 Tethered Cables can be found here

    Type 2 Tethered Cables can be found here

  • Can I install a Tethered Cable by myself?

    We recommend that installing a tethered cable, on an existing or new wall charger/charge point, is undertaken by a fully qualified electrician.

    Type 1 Tethered Cables can be found here

    Type 2 Tethered Cables can be found here